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    It’s time for some good juju-it’s time for you to start your love affair with crystals! Who better to teach you than Devi Brown? She’s the founder of the wellness lifestyle brand Karma Bliss. In her new book, CRYSTAL BLISS, Devi seeks to connect you to the innate energy of these powerful stones. Take a deep breath and get ready to attract some good vibes to aid you in this journey called life.

    This book is your spirit guide to finding purpose, happiness and cosmic order. Once you unlock the power in these stones and gems, you’ll beat back the bad vibes, live life to the fullest and achieve CRYSTAL BLISS.


    Each chapter is written for easy reference to a particular crystal or intention in mind. For example, Chapter 8 is “Crystals for Self Love.” It features the Rhodonite crystal for self-worth. There’s a description, where to use it, where it’s found, spiritual growth powers, physical healing powers, corresponding chakra and mantra.

    This small, easy-to-read hardbound book also contains full-color photographs.

    Published by Simon & Schuster 2017, CRYSTAL BLISS is the perfect little book for the newager on your Christmas list this holiday season.

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