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    Christie Brinkley Authentic Skincare

    Pure Radiance Illuminating Facial Oil


    How is your complexion doing so far this summer? Are you looking for some help with uneven skin tone, sun damage and other signs of aging? Christie Brinkley Authentic Skincare’s Pure Radiance Illuminating Facial Oil may be the perfect solution. I love the feel of this oil! It’s smooth, softening and absorbs quickly. Its powerful multi-benefit formula helps moisturize skin and leave it looking brighter and more luminous. Containing a blend of oils, it softens the feeling of skin without leaving behind a heavy or greasy sensation. This includes sesame seed oil, sweet almond oil and macadamia ternifolia seed oil. Indulge yourself with this sumptuous illuminating skin sensation and rock a more radiant look.



    Powerful multi-benefit formula

    ·       Adds moisture, leaving the skin soft and refreshed

    ·       Diminishes visible signs of aging

    ·       Helps skin look brighter and more luminous

    ·       With regular use, helps diminish the look of uneven skin tone

    ·       100% vegan

    ·       Quenches & brightens skin

    ·       Soothes & clarifies

    ·       Corrects dark spots and hyperpigmentation




    Contains a blend of oils

    • Moisturizes and softens the feeling of skin without a heavy feeling

    Special blend of antioxidants

    • Helps fight free radical aggressors
    • Essential Omega 3-6-9

    I notice that after using this product for four weeks that my complexion looks and feels smoother. I don’t have those annoying sunspots anymore and my skin is nice and clear.

    One thing I love to do with this oil is to apply it immediately after cleansing and right before my daily hyaluronic/retinol moisturizer. I like to mix in a drop or two with my foundation or BB cream for a fabulous, “OMG, She’s glowing!” look. I love the way this makes my face feel—moisturized, light and with light-medium coverage.

    Christie Brinkley Authentic Skincare’s Pure Radiance Illuminating Facial Oil is part of my daily routine. How about you? Would you try it? Your dermatologist may carry this line, or check out the Amazon link below to order.


    *This is an Amazon affiliate link to this product I recommend. If you purchase something from my blog, I may receive a small percentage of the sale at no extra cost to you. Thank you! //