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    Jally Body: Luxury in a Bottle


    Clean, effective, luxury at an affordable price minus the social costs!

    I just adore a good beauty oil, and there are so many different ones on the market and just as many uses for them.  I was recently sent an amazing oil from a green skin care company.  Jally Body is the leading purveyor of luxury beauty oils. They offer a wide range of beauty oils of the utmost quality. The choice is certainly yours:




    Kalahari Melon Seed




    Prickly Pear Seed

    Shea Butter

    Shea Nut



    There are at least 9 ways to use Jally Body beauty oils:

    1. Cleanse with Jally Body Oils

    You can use oil even if you have oily skin! That’s because plant, nut and seed oils will dissolve the excess oil your skin produces. Oil cleansing will cleanse your face of makeup residue, oils, dirt and other particles that accumulate throughout the day, which can help treat acne, unclog pores and neutralize free radicals.

    To oil cleanse, add about 4-6 drops of oil to your palm, rub palms together and massage it on to your face. I like to massage for a couple of minutes because of the benefits of facial massaging. After your massage, simply wipe away any excess with a dampened cotton ball and follow with your gentle cleanser of choice.

    1. Use Jally Body as a face oil

    Oil is a staple in my skin care routine. There is a clear difference when I use it. My complexion is very soft, smooth, radiant and protected. I will rotate the oil I use based on my skin issue: drynessdehydrationhormonal acneirritationdiscoloration, etc. Sometimes I might get lucky and have to deal with a couple of issues, in that case, I mix oils and let the fatty acids, antioxidants, and nutrients work their magic.

    For oils to be able to moisturize it needs water. There are a couple of ways to ensure that you are getting the proper balance. You can use oil in between your serum and moisturizer (serum-oil-moisturizer) or mix it into your favorite moisturizer (serum-(oil+moisturizer)). If your face is very oily, you can use a couple of drops on damp skin.

    1. Use Jally Body as a body & bath oil
      It feels divine when you’re coming out of the shower in the evening and slathering a body oil on dampened skin. You can enhance the experience by adding a relaxing essential oil of your choice or just enjoy the raw power of your beauty oil. If you prefer to bathe in a tub, simply pour a small amount into your bath and enjoy its wonderful moisturizing benefits.
    2. Add Jally Body to your hair mask

    I love a good hair mask.  My hair favoriates are argan oil, baobob oiland shea nut oil. You may even want to add all three to your hair mask and relax with your hair wrapped in a hot towel and get pampered.

    1. Use Jally Body as an overnight or pre-shampoo treatment

    Shampoo is necessary, but even the most moisturizing formula can be drying. Enter the pre-shampoo treatment. Cover your hair with your Jally Body oil of choice and allow to sit for 15-90 minutes before you shampoo. Oil can reduce frizziness, make strands stronger and prevent breakage. Keep in mind that the more oil you use, the more shampoo you need. Lighter oils such as argan or mongongo oil are great options. If you are confident that your hair loves oil, tie it up into a topknot and leave the oil in overnight. Make sure to cover your pillow with a towel so you don’t mess up your pillowcase, or you can wear a shower cap to bed.

    1. Add Jally Body to your DIY face mask

    If you want to enjoy the benefits of oil but aren’t prepared to dive in head first, try adding oil to your DIY face mask. Clay masks and oil are a match made in beauty heaven!

    Oily skin: Bentonite clay

    Normal skin: Sea clay

    Dry skin: Kaolin clay

    1. Add Jally Body to your foundation

    Add a drop of oil to your foundation for a sheer finish and a serious glow. It will give you breathtaking, dewy skin. Maracuja oil is great for this purpose.

    1. Use Jally Body as a cuticle oil

    Dry cuticles are not pretty, but it happens to the best of us. Dry cuticles can cause hang nails so it’s important to moisturize your cuticles daily. A drop of oil is sufficient for all 10 fingers. Simply rub it into your cuticles and rub the base of each fingernail for about 10 seconds to encourage blood flow to the nail.

    1. Apply Jally Oil in your body and lip scrub

    Scrubs are probably the easiest beauty product to make. Mix some oil into 2-3 tablespoons of fine sugar or salt, and you can scrub away your dead, flaky, skin.


    “Our promise to you is that all of our products are free of GMOs, artificial ingredients, fragrances, fillers and toxic materials. Natural is just as beautiful.”

    What’s the only thing better than products that give you a glow? Products that give you the inner glow because they didn’t exploit other people or the planet we share. Jally Body believes in karma. So use their products in confidence, their producers are well taken care of.

    A portion of proceeds from each Jally Body purchase goes towards the world’s most vulnerable populations. They strive to end child exploitation, hunger, lack of access to education, clean water, and healthcare.  Jally Body believes in a world where together we can each help in any way we can to better future generations.

    And with an often unheard of 100% money-back guarantee, you cannot go wrong.

    For more details and to order, visit

    Thank you for reading The Badass Writer. Straight ahead:  our mask-erade continues with a review on a K-Beauty black sugar honey mask, the latest from Annemarie Borlind Natural Beauty from Germany and details on how you can experience the ultimate California road trip!

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