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    Award-Winning Author Releases Time-Travel Romance

    The book is the second in a series, sequel to ‘The Shape Shifter’s Wife’.


    Author Carolyn Radmanovich is releasing a new book, The Gypsy’s Warning, a sequel to her book, The Shape Shifter’s Wife, which won the 2018 Independent Book Awards for Visionary Fiction.

    The time-travel romance takes place in the fall of 1995, when the main character, Heather, learns through a mysterious letter that her sister, Angelica, time-traveled to 1849. With nothing holding her back, Heather sets out in search of Angelica. When Heather reaches her sister’s California ranch, she finds Angelica has fled to Monterey to escape the men who burned her house. On her continued search, Heather rides to San Francisco and obtains a job playing piano in a saloon, where she befriends the dance hall girls. Disgusted with the conditions under which they work, she searches for a way to extract them from their demeaning jobs, which infuriates the saloon owner. A gypsy palm reader warns Heather about an unexpected journey and impending danger for her and her new sweetheart.


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    The book is filled with exciting twists and turns, and invigorating romance.  Radmanovich says, “Imagine the courage it would take to voluntarily time-travel to find your sister, only to find her house has been burned and she has fled the arsonists. Heather, with her strong will, takes on the challenge and in the process of searching for her sister ends up in 1849 rowdy San Francisco. In her effort to help the dance hall girls where she plays piano, she makes an enemy of the saloon owner. The friends she makes and the romance that blossoms are her saving grace. She is shocked when a gypsy palm reader predicts an unexpected journey and impending danger.”


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    About the Author

    Fascinated by the wild west, Carolyn Radmanovich earned a history degree from San Jose State University. After a near-drowning incident on the Russian River, she felt compelled to write her first book, The Shape-Shifter’s Wife, about an anthropologist, Angelica, who time travels to the California gold rush of 1848 and meets a handsome Frenchman. This book won the 2018 Independent Book Awards for Visionary FictionThe sequel, The Gypsy’s Warning, focuses on the sister, Heather, who time travels to find Angelica. Carolyn’s short stories, “Tex’s Dream” and Frenchie – A Love Story,” were included in the NCPA anthologies, Birds of a Feather and More Birds of a Feather. The California Writers Club awarded her short story, “Prod,” in the 2019 Memoir Contest. Carolyn lives in Lincoln, California with her husband and cat, Tex.

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    Final thoughts

    The Gypsy’s Warning is a fast-paced time travel romance novel perfect for reading during these turbulent times. It takes you to another time and place. It is very well written and captures your imagination from the very beginning and holds your attention to its climactic ending. This book is a real winner!



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