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    Janice Cox calls Epsom salt ‘The Gateway to Natural Beauty’


    Janice Cox, one of America’s leading natural beauty experts, recommends Epsom salt recipes to help relieve stress, soothe sore muscles, improve sleep, fight colds, exfoliate skin and prepare for pedicures.

    “Epsom salt used to just sit in the bathroom cupboard, but now, it’s so popular, it’s out on the countertop,” says Janice Cox. She is widely quoted in magazines such as Woman’s World and Woman’s Day. Cox has also written four books: Natural Beauty for All SeasonsNatural Beauty from the GardenEcoBeautyand the bestseller Natural Beauty at Home

    Bath salts are one of her favorite uses for Epsom salt, which she calls “the gateway to natural beauty.”

    Why soak in it?

    Epsom salts are known to be a big-time wellness assist when taken in supplement form as well as absorbed topically.  Magnesium helps reduce inflammation caused by E-selectin, which is a molecule that causes inflammation in the endothelial layer of the skin. As inflammation is the root of most things evil in health, magnesium helps to lower inflammation, improving skin health, function, and appearance.


    In addition, soaking in magnesium is the most efficient way to reap the benefits. It is a little-known fact that Magnesium is much better absorbed through the skin rather than through the GI tract.

    My favorite reasons for using magnesium in the bath is for stress relief, soothing joint pain and sore muscles, and improving sleep.

    Here are 7 of Janice Cox’s favorite bath time recipes:


    • Super Muscle Soothing Salts

    Soaking in a warm Epsom salt bath will make you feel calmer, reduce stress and soothe sore muscles and stiff joints, Cox says.  This relaxing soak is ideal before bedtime, helping treat your tired body and help you sleep.


    • 1 cup Epsom salt
    • ¼ cup sea salt
    • ¼ cup baking soda
    • Mix all ingredients and pour into a clean container.

    Pour the salts under running water as you fill your bath.  Allow the salts to dissolve. Doctors have said this helps boost your circulation, reducing inflammation and relaxing your muscles. Afterward, if you have dry skin, use a natural oil or body lotion.

    • Warming Mustard Bath 

    This is a popular recipe in England to reduce stress, relieve sore muscles and improve sleep.  Try a bath or foot soak. The mustard’s warmth opens your pores, allowing you to sweat out impurities, Cox says. She also uses this recipe to help her sleep when she feels a cold starting, an idea doctors have recommended.


    • 1 cup Epsom salt
    • 2 tablespoons powdered mustard
    • 2 drops rosemary essential oil
    • 2 drops eucalyptus essential oil
    • Mix ingredients and pour into a clean, dry container.

    Add a quarter cup to the bath under running water.

    For a footbath: Add 1 tablespoon of the bath powder to a basin of hot water, then soak your feet for 15 minutes.

    • Relaxing Lavender Oatmeal Bath 

    Lavender has a relaxing scent, and oatmeal calms the skin, even for people with sensitive and dry skin.  Combined with Epsom salt, the bath is naturally refreshing, cleansing and soothing for both your body and mind, Cox says.


    • 1 cup Epsom salt
    • ¼ cup dried lavender flowers
    • ½ cup oatmeal (whole oats)
    • Place the lavender and oatmeal in a food processor or blender and process on high until you have a fine mixture that resembles whole grain flour.
    • In a bowl, stir the lavender-oatmeal mixture with Epsom salt, and pour into a clean, dry container.

    Add half a cup to your bath as you fill the tub.  Soak for 15 to 20 minutes.

    • Colored bath salts

    These make great gifts. Mix Epsom salt with two or three drops of natural food colors and place in pretty jars. You can also layer the colors for a striped effect.

    • Jet Lag

    Bring lavender and peppermint essential oil when you travel. For energy, add a few drops of the peppermint to an Epsom salt bath. To help with sleep, use the lavender oil.

    • Pedicure soak

    Before a home pedicure, soak in a footbath with a couple tablespoons of Epsom salt and white vinegar.  This mixture softens rough skin and gets feet clean and smooth.

    • Salt rub for your arms, legs and back

    To exfoliate, mix ½ cup Epsom salt with a ½ cup natural oil, such as almond or coconut. It’s a deep cleanse to help your skin look healthier.

    “People think of soaks as more of a luxury, because it sounds like it will take a long time,” Cox said. “It’s only 15 or 20 minutes. Take that time for yourself without any distractions and focus on relaxing.”photo-1483576959348-bb22faae9c71.jpeg

    About Janice Cox

    Janice Cox is America’s leading natural beauty and home beauty expert. She is widely quoted in magazines such as Woman’s WorldWoman’s Day, and she has written four books: Natural Beauty for All SeasonsNatural Beauty from the GardenEcoBeauty and the bestseller, Natural Beauty at Home. The books are written “cookbook style,” making it easy for even beginners to instantly create their own natural beauty products and treatments. Janice’s passion for home beauty started out of necessity – growing up in a small Oregon town, natural bath and beauty products were difficult to find, and making them was an easy way to save money. Today, women across the country have discovered how Janice’s techniques and recipes are fun, easy and cost-effective.