The Badass Holiday Gift Guide 2018

The Badass Writer

The Best Badass Beauty, Books and Lifestyle Presents for the Ones You Love!


To make your holiday shopping a little easier and a a lot more fun, I’ve put together this thoughtful little list of presents for you to check off for those people in your life who’ve been deliciously naughty and nice…

Christmas_Blanket_ecom_large.jpgEcuadane Christmas Blanket    $149.99

I usually don’t get excited about blankets, but this is an exception. I am simply astounded by the immense quality of my Ecuadane Christmas Blanket! It is surprisingly large, and beautifully made. Its utter softness adds that touch of hygge we all crave during the fall and winter months and we couldn’t get cozier. As I look around, all wrapped up and snug, I notice that the Christmas Blanket also adds a fabulous touch to my living room decor. When you order, your blanket will arrive thoughtfully wrapped, with a tan leather label…

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