My Car Accident

I live out on almost 11 acres in the Sierra Foothills of California. We are loaded with wild animals here including raccoons, skunks, owls, bats, coyotes, cougars, possums, bobcats and in our neighborhood alone the deer herd is expected to be approximately 300!

One evening I pulled out of my gated community and went unusually slow compared to how I usually drive. It wasn’t enough. Suddenly, a doe ran in front of me and I hit it straight on, pushing the brakes. Bam! The deer simply got up and walked away! In the meantime, my whole front end was dented. I still have to take it to a body shop and fix my Benz. I was not hurt nor did the air bags go off. But it did some damage to my car all right. The front emblem was ripped off and I couldn’t find it anywhere.

Then something crazy happened! Today I was driving down the country road and on a post near a tree was my emblem. I turned around and grabbed it. A momento of my car accident…

I’m just thankful it wasn’t worse.



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