Introducing: The Bad Ass Writer

Hi, I’m  Connie Werner Reichert. My articles and ebooks have  been published in several magazines and other publications over the course of 30 years! My career began as a radio personality in the 80’s and 90’s and that was such fun! Getting paid to play music and talk? Sounds good to me, I also wrote news for an ABC-affiliate in Sacramento and did morning traffic reports on KXTV.  I know a thing or two about writing and I would like to share some of the things in my life that mean a lot to me. That would be a real work in progress because I am grateful for all I have. My family, my health, a new car. A contract to write a website for an Australian company.  Most of all, best of all, I haven’t had a cigarette in three years and my lungs are doing much better. It’s amazing how we get into things isn’t it? So Off I go to think of something cool to tell you about, and I think I have just the thing, Stay tuned!



Right now, I’m beauty blogging, opioid addiction coaching and travel writing. I like to mix things up to keep life interesting. In this site, I hope to put a smile on your face, entertain you, and inform you of new beauty/fashion/lifestyle products.

What happens is, I receive a nice package in the mail by a PR agency that wants to promote their clients’ products or services. So I step in and do a test and review of the product they sent me, Then I usually take a photo and post the review on this blog.

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