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    I just discovered a luxurious facial cosmeceutical unlike any other! It’s KYPRIS Beauty Elixir 1. They believe that beauty can only be created by beauty itself. To them, it means respecting the earth, the souls that care for the land, the people who carefully collect these botanical treasures, and how each of these elements combines so you most benefit from and experience pleasure in your ecstatic self-care rituals.

    For rose lovers, it provides nourishing, glowing, rose-petal soft skin. KYPRIS is a 100% active and moisturizing beauty oil created with holistic principles in mind. It is scientifically established with CoQ10, Vitamin C ester, a plethora of botanical extracts, plant stem cells, and the essential oil with more than 1,000 organic Bulgarian roses. It is combined to repair signs of environmental challenges as well as provide you with a gorgeous complexion as it boosts collagen and and elasticity. Also, KYPRIS diminishes the signs of UV rays overexposure.


    I like the fact it smells so wonderfully uplifting without any synthetic fragrances! It’s all natural. In this moisturizing oil, you’ll also find Baobab, which is a wealth of essential fatty acids, vitamins A and E, and phytosterols to restore rose-petal soft skin. In addition, this product’s black raspberry contains anthocyanins that target the root of inflammation to support your skin’s overall integrity and beauty. The pomegranate in this elixir spotlights more than 60 % punicic acid, a prized conjugated fatty acid, and lovingly imparts patent botanical wisdom to challenge inflammations and soothe signs of UV overexposure.

    KYPRIS feels absolutely amazing on my face. The scent is divine, and we can all use some wondrous aromatherapy. I put it on after I wash and tone my face every morning and night. My husband says I have the softest skin ever! And I feel good knowing its animal cruelty-free and completely organic.

    KYPRIS=beauty, soul and science. For more details and to order visit Your amazing potion will arrive packaged in a beautiful and soft blue velvet bag.

    Invest in yourself. Make your beauty regimen more enticing and order KYPRIS today.

    *This is an Amazon affiliate link to this product I recommend. If you purchase something from my blog, I may receive a small percentage of the sale at no extra cost to you. Thank you!//



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