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Retinol or Retinal? Elemental Science in a Timeless World

Ao Skincare’s #6 Rewind Retinal (www.aoskincare.com), is a go-to night treatment for people who want glowing, clear, firm, resilient and smooth skin at any age.   Introducing #6 REWIND RETINAL from AO SKINCARE of New Zealand. Retinal (retinaldehyde) is different from retinol. It’s a form of Vitamin A that is more potent that retinol, and it’s the … Continue reading Retinol or Retinal? Elemental Science in a Timeless World

A Canine Cookbook

Many dog owners are flocking to natural homemade food for their pups, especially since store-bought products contain preservatives and other unnatural ingredients that can give dogs allergies and other health problems. Now you can spoil (and nourish) your pampered pooch with only the best ingredients. In the new book DOGGY DESSERTS: 125 HOMEMADE TREATS FOR … Continue reading A Canine Cookbook

Activate Your Longevity Gene

There is good news in the supplement market today-RESERVEAGE NUTRITION is introducing their new & improved RESVERATROL Supplements in 4-hour sustained release 500 mg capsules. So what is the fuss all about? RESVERATROL helps you maintain your cellular health and actually activates your longevity gene, and that’s exciting news! This highly potent antioxidant formula features … Continue reading Activate Your Longevity Gene

Staying Off the Naughty (Spending) List: Ways to Manage Your Finances and Avoid Post-Holiday Blues

The holidays are filled with temptation to overspend. Financial expert Eric Tyson offers advice on how to manage your holiday spending. The holidays are upon us, bringing all those personal and family images and sensations we cherish. But for many of us, there are a few not-so-joyous holiday sights (overflowing boxes and bags from our … Continue reading Staying Off the Naughty (Spending) List: Ways to Manage Your Finances and Avoid Post-Holiday Blues

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